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Transverse Ocarina Notification List

Salutations! Thank you kindly for your interest in acquiring an Oberon transverse ocarina.

There are many people who inquire about when Ross will be releasing his Transverse models

We have created this special mailing list specifically for you.  

How the list works:

-  It will help give us an idea of what everyone is looking for.

-  You will be kept informed of when Ross is preparing to craft transverse Ocarinas for online sales (right now, this requires a special window of time and focus).

-  From time to time, we will post information about Transverse models in development, and previews of upcoming designs.

​-  You will be personally notified of Online Sale dates well in advance


Things to keep in mind

- Though each family of ocarinas has strongly shared traits, each is born unique

-  Each Ocarina’s attributes will be explained in great detail

-  We will bear requests thoughtfully in mind, but we cannot make custom orders,

-  Each Ocarina bearing our seal will be held to the highest standards of quality.

~Sign Up Here!~

Wonderful! Warm welcomes to our notification list.

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