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The Makers
-about us-

We know the warm feeling we get when we come across something thoughtfully made and unique. We both have a nostalgic memory of when we first encountered the ocarina, a ceramic vessel flute, and the wonder it caused. We want to invoke those feelings in others, and ultimately expand that feeling in ourselves by further exploring the possibilities of the craft.


It is the relative immortality of clay, and the idea of how they might add to someone’s life story, that is a big part of our drive to create our Oberon Ocarinas, and to make them worthy as heirlooms.  We are aware of the longevity of clay, how once fired it cannot be formed in such a way again. The instruments are little pieces of us, and when they go out into the world and travel through time we want them to become unique characters in people's lives, with as much potential as instruments and keepsakes as we can put into them.

Ross Dubois


Ocarina Maker, Owner

Ross is the head Ocarina maker and has been producing his instruments for the past 20 years with a focus on creating the very best ocarinas available.

Ærica DiPonzio


A songwriter, professional artist and jack of many trades with sculpture work ranging from action figures to chainsaw sculpting.

Designer, sculptor, Owner

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