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Gosling Ocarinas

The Gosling is a small wearable Ocarina, inspired by two ocarina styles - Transverse and English pendant. The body shape is inspired by a transverse, and is held like one to play. Yet, the fingering is that of an English pendant, invented by maker John Taylor in 1964, who devised a way to fit an entire diatonic scale into just 4 holes.

Our Goslings feature an additional three holes which are used for extending the range, and for playing sharps and flats with greater accuracy than many other pendant style ocarinas.


We lovingly craft these little flutes by hand and with special emphasis on creating a uniquely sweet tone. 


You do not need any special musical gift to learn, only to play. Enjoy it and pick it up enough times, and you may find you have learned as if by accident. 



  • Goslings come in myriad colors and design

  • They're carefully tuned to A=440hz

  • All Goslings are Fully chromatic and have a 16-note scale length

  • These pendants feature a sub-hole for extended range

  • Every order includes a pouch, adjustable lanyard, certificate of authenticity and an introduction booklet

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