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We are pleased to introduce Hue Pick in Pride colorways. Available throughout the year as our schedule permits, with additional variations and colorways as we dream them up.


While navigating the whirlwind of executive dysfunction and an overwhelming July fair schedule, we carve out extra time to create and offer them at pride month prices during this June-to-July sale. A little late, but worth the wait.


Pattern in Puzzlecloud-  Spirals and cloudy arcs fitting together.


Please bear in mind


These patterns are hand carved will vary a bit; each piece is unique. The picture shows the general pattern but will not be the exact item received. 


This is not a preorder. Stock numbers will be based on the amount of  unglazed pendants we have set aside for this purpose.  Please allow up to 14 days to give us time to complete your custom glaze.


(If restock requests come in, I will carve more as our schedule allows.) 




  • In the key of C
  • Carefully tuned to A=440hz
  • Special voicings carved to produce a sweet, cheerful tone.
  • Fully chromatic, 16-note scale length
  • Features a sub-hole for low B




  • Fancy gift wrapping with marble paper and wax seal
  • Adjustable waxed cotton lanyard
  • Dark green drawstring dust pouch with decorative logo
  • Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Guide booklet with a few songs to get you started


Lovingly Handcrafted by Ross Dubois and Aerica DiPonzio, under the watchful gaze of our canine supervisors.


We are on a mission to create the finest pendant ocarinas you can find, ones that will defy your expectations of pendant ocarinas and soprano ocarinas in general. Whether you're familiar with pendant ocarinas or new to them, our goal is to set a higher standard for your experience.

Hue Pick - Gosling C (Puzzlecloud - 4 Stripe, Pride)

Out of Stock
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