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This pattern is called Coil and it features a striking stripe that starts at the mouthpiece and winds its way around the pendant, ending in a spiral on the nose. A great way to showcase two contrasting colors. 


We are pleased to announce the ability to order our Gosling pendants in a glaze of your choice, starting with our favorite 43 glazes. We have a little of everything, from glossy to glimmery, from ostentatious crystal to austere stone textures, from matte to metallic. Now our never ending quest for all of the colors and textures can be your quest too.


PLEASE NOTE: Many of these glazes, especially the more textured ones such as Galaxy or Nimbus, will vary quite a bit by piece. 


This is not a preorder. Stock numbers will be based on the amount of available bisqueware pendants we have set aside for this purpose. Please allow up to 14 days to give us time to complete your custom finish.


  • In the key of C

  • Carefully tuned to A=440hz

  • Fully chromatic, 16-note scale length

  • Features a sub-hole for low B

  • Includes Adjustable lanyard, Pouch, Certificate of Authenticity and Booklet


Lovingly Handcrafted by Ross Dubois and Aerica DiPonzio, under the watchful gaze of our canine supervisors.


We are on a mission to create the finest pendant ocarinas you can find. Though they are small we treat them with as much thought and care as our larger concert models.

Hue Pick - Gosling C (Coil)

Glaze 1 (spiral)
Glaze 2 (background)
Out of Stock
  • L: 54mm
    W: 41mm
    H: 25mm

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