As seen at International Ocarina Festival, Budrio Italy

         And various Outdoor+Indoor Craft Fairs

Walnut Pendant Display, Upright
Fabricated from Walnut, with rubbed bronze hooks.
Green tapestry tablecloth
We have enough rich tablecloth for 2 tables
We do nice giftwrapping.
We take pride in our gift wrapping and small details.
Transverse w/ Stands & Certificates
Each 12 hole ocarina comes with a unique star-inspired name and wax stamped birth certificate.
Pendant Display, Down
In heavy winds or to better catch the light, display can also lie down.
Our friendly Lightdome interior with warm accents and custom drapery
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... We have the design ability to tastefully decorate displays ranging from 3x6 table to 10x10 Booth.

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