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Gosling Vernissage

A sneak preview of Goslings fresh from the kiln



A Vernissage (from French, originally meaning “varnishing”) is a term used for a preview of an art exhibition, which may be private, before the formal opening. If the Vernissage is not open to the public, but only for invited guests, it is often called a private view.


How the Gosling Vernissage works:

- Sign up for list using form below

- You will receive an email with a group photo of Goslings as they arrive into the world.


- Each vernissage will contain the exact time that group will be listed for sale in our shop. Our list dates and times vary.


Things to keep in mind

-  The photography will be more casual than you would see in a standard listing, in our studio or in the natural light of our garden, as the weather allows.  There will be more detailed photos of each instrument once we post the listings in the shop.

- We will also post pictures of work in progress on social media (Instagram, etc) for more general updates of work in progress.

Note: You only need to sign up once and you will be on the email list indefinitely unless you unsubscribe!


~Sign Up Here~

Wonderful! Warm welcomes to our notification list.

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