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We have several of these available, and the listing only shows one of them. Each one looks very similar in design, but because they are hand carved and glazed, there will be subtle differences.

Oberon ‘Gosling’ Ocarina Soprano C: Sculpted and glazed with several colors and styles, which makes this Gosling a visually stunning, wearable piece of art. This pattern is called 'Cloud Wave' and is in a Pride Rainbow colorway.

This Ocarina is made from ceramic clay and features a hand carved design. Once Ross has voiced and tuned the Gosling, artist Ærica DiPonzio finely sculpts the surface and applies glazes using a variety of techniques and colors.


  • In the key of C
  • Carefully tuned to A=440hz
  • Special voicings carved to produce a sweet, cheerful tone.
  • Fully chromatic, 16-note scale length
  • Features a sub-hole for low B


  • Fancy gift wrapping with marble paper and wax seal
  • Adjustable waxed cotton lanyard
  • Dark green drawstring dust pouch with decorative logo
  • Certificate of Authenticity Guide booklet with a few songs to get you started

Lovingly Handcrafted by Ross Dubois and Aerica DiPonzio, under the watchful gaze of our canine supervisors.We are on a mission to create the finest pendant ocarinas you can find, ones that will defy your expectations of pendant ocarinas and soprano ocarinas in general. Whether you're familiar with pendant ocarinas or new to them, our goal is to set a higher standard for your experience.

*Read!* Gosling Ocarina- Soprano C (Cloud Wave: Pride Rainbow)

  • L: 54mm
    W: 41mm
    H: 25mm

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