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  • Not an Item: DO NOT BUY

    About this ocarina:

    Handmade of fine ceramic clay. The surface of the instrument is burnished to a high sheen, then is saggar fired and sealed with a non toxic, vegan sealant and polished. 

    This particular ocarina has type 2 subholes (requiring both hands to utilize the subholes)

     Playing notes:

    *This ocarina has less of a breath curve than some of our louder 12 hole models, though a mild pressure curve is still present. This instruments dynamics are centered around quick articulation, faster response time and an ever present texture in the voicing of the instrument. It's not a purely sine-like sound, but rather one that is organic and warm.*

    Oberon Transverse ocarinas are designed to provide professionals and musicians of all levels with an exceptional concert-quality instrument that bears an emphasis on projection and tonal strength. All Transverse ocarinas are fully chromatic, accurately tuned to A=440hz and are crafted individually with the utmost care.

    -Each Ocarinas is a unique instrument and a piece of functional art.

    -All of our Ocarinas are carefully tuned to A=440hz and are fully chromatic

    -The 12 hole features sub-holes for low A and B. 

    -Perfectly executable scale from low A to high F. 

    -Includes Certificate of Authenticity, Fingering Chart and a pouch.